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"So, you have backed the Magic Description Cards on Kickstarter and you are probably thinking "How can I make sure that everyone in the whole world knows about this awesome narrative building tool?"

Social media makes it incredibly easy to spread the word far and wide about the Magic Description Cards, but with so much information out there it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. In fact, Mark's Theory of 1% estimates that of all the people who see your message, only about 1% are going to follow up by clicking a link, and of those people, only about 1% are actually going to be interested enough to pledge. These figures might seem discouraging, but all it means is that it's important to use smart sharing strategies. Here are a few things you can do to spread the word.

Badges have an infectious quality that makes them perfect to raise awareness of a Kickstarter campaign. Spread the word for by using these badges for your social media profile picture. Let people know about the cool project you're backing and be sure to let them know how long the campaign is going to run so none of your friends miss out. Don't forget when using the graphic "badges" be sure to link the image to the

Try to start a genuine conversation around the product. Ask what folks think and offer your opinion. People know if they are being advertised to. Just focus on letting people know what you think about the Magic Description Card campaign in your own voice.

While sharing on your personal pages is awesome and encouraged, it will really boost the signal when you share to relevant groups and forums. This can be a little trickier since those communities are managed by others, so framing your posts correctly is really important. First, make sure you're pitching to a relevant audience. Writing groups, Gaming groups, Fantasy and Sci Fi discussion boards, are all great places to talk about Magic Description Cards.
However, before you go posting all willy-nilly, make sure you know the community rules. Many online communities have strict policies about advertising and posting a link to the kickstarter might be construed as an ad. Check with an admin or moderator first. They'll let you know how you can post the link. Some communities have certain days of the week where you're allowed to promote, or a message board might have a specific thread for posting about crowdfunding campaigns. Once the guidelines are clear, focus on communities with at least 1000 members. This is just playing the numbers game and making sure you're casting a wide enough net.

To make sharing a little easier, we've got a list of hashtags you can use on social media to make the campaign more easily searchable. All you need to do is copy and paste the to the bottom of your post and share away!

#dungeonsanddragons #paizo #WotC #RPG #fate #Shadowru #dnd #d20 #LotFR #pathfinder #Gurps #geeky #warhammer #VampiretheMasquerade #fantasyart #rpgmedia #dnd5e #OSR #miniatures #minis #instagood #miniatureterrain #wizard #kickstarter #dungeonworld #gamemaster #starwars

Be sure to follow Conflict Games on twitter, facebook, and Instagram, because throughout the campaign we'll be posting progress updates that not only keep you informed, but provide more stuff to share with your friends about the campaign. It will also give you a quick way to ask us questions, chat with other backers, or just let us know what you think of the campaign so far. Having an active community around the Magic Description Cards makes it more likely to be seen and more likely that even more people will join the conversation.



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Our press kit is chock-full of images and verbiage around Magic Descriptions Cards Kickstarter. We will update the press kit as the Kickstarter continues with more images and more information about the product and progress.

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